• Joe Biden has a message hidden in his website’s source code

    Date:13 August 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    By now its safe to say that most people understand the importance of wearing a face mask. That hasn’t stopped US presidential candidate Joe Biden from reminding you to wear one, even if the message is hidden in source code.

    According to reports from Mashable, Joe Biden has hidden a clever message on his website, but you wont be able to see it unless you do a bit of cyber-digging. To see the message, open JoeBiden.com then right click anywhere on the page and select the ‘view page source’ option. Once you have been redirected to the source code page, scroll all the way down the bottom, there you’ll find a familiar message that reads ‘WEAR A MASK’ written in ASCII block letters.

    This isn’t only some great community service however, and is rather a clever campaign promotion strategy. Those that find themselves on the US Presidental candidates site and without a mask can support his campaign and help stop the spread of the coronavirus, by buying a custom Biden face mask for a hefty price of R348 [$20].



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