• Get your kicks on Android, too: Adidas micoach Smart Ball training app updated

    Adidas miCoach now on Android.
    Date:21 May 2015 Tags:,

    The ability to track the best kicks for each foot is one of the new features in Adidas’s miCoach Smart Ball app as part of an upgrade in which it has been made available for Android phones for the first time.

    Launched in 2014, the miCoach Smart Ball, designed for wearables, has been updated with:

    • A ‘Personal Bests’ feature that tracks the best kicks for each foot and a new ‘Top Ten’, tracking various kick attributes.

    • The introduction of ‘Recent Kicks’ that tracks the last 500 kicks in reverse chronological order.

    • A ‘Kick Counter’ that tracks the number of kicks made by a user over a day/week/month/season/lifetime period.

    • The addition of ‘Kick Sharing’ to allow users to share their kick results.

    Says Stacey Burr, General Manager, adidas Digital Sportsl, “The Smart Ball has been recognised as a hugely effective training tool, and it’s great that Android users will now be able to experience it as well.