Kicker’s BassStation Powered Subs

Kicker’s BassStation Powered Subs.
Date:22 March 2012 Tags:, ,

If your car’s audio system produces a tinny sound, you might want to invest in Kicker’s BassStation Powered Subs. Comprising heavy-duty subwoofers, tough enclosures and digital amplifiers, they’re touted as the smart solution for adding versatile bass to any vehicle’s sound system.

Available in a 30 cm single-woofer box or 25- and 20-cm thin-profile boxes, all models come with a 100 W amp and quick-connect Molex power, signal and remote turn-on harness/plug for simple set up and removal. Once installed, nylon Velcro straps help keep them in place. They also feature remote bass control, adjustable low-bass crossover, a subsonic filter, variable +6 dB bass boost, a phase-cancelling switch, and two automatic turn-on options. Prices range from about R4 400 for the 30 cm model to about R2 900 for the 20 cm version. Contact Planet Electronics on 0860 656 463 or visit

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