Kisai Intoxicated watch

Date:9 August 2013 Tags:, ,

Japanese company Tokyoflash clearly has your well-being at heart. Its new Kisai Intoxicated watch features a built-in breathalyser that enables you to test your blood-alcohol content before getting behind the wheel of your car.

To test your blood alcohol content, you simply open the sensor cap and press a button to start the test. Once the sensor has warmed up, you blow for 5 seconds, then wait for the watch to come up with the goods. The display on the right shows 10 different levels of blood-alcohol content. A green display means you’re sober, a yellow display (between 0,41 and 0,6 per cent) means you’re buzzing, and a red display (0,61 per cent or higher) means only one thing: you’re drunk, and decidedly unfit to drive.

Here’s the clincher: the watch comes with a built-in sobriety game. Once activated, a line on the screen moves from left to right. Hit the button and stop the line dead centre to win; stop it on either side, and you’re less than sober. Oh, and you can also use the watch to tell the time.

Watch as the Kisai “Intoxicated” watch is put to the test:

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