Knipex 7-in-1 multifunction pliers

Date:12 June 2013 Tags:,

Why spend good money on a variety of pliers when you can simplify your life by investing in just one pair? (This is rhetoric; please read on.) Now there’s an alternative, in the form of Knipex’s 7-in-1 multifunction pliers. Made in Germany from high-grade tool steel, forged and oil-hardened, they come with a lifetime warranty.

You get a flat serrated gripping surface, pipe grip, crimper, a proper cable cutter, wire stripper and clear-cut outside edge for reaming out electrical boxes. It comes with three handles: basic plastic-coated, multi-component grip, and VDE                1 000V. Prices range from R540 for the basic model up to R620 for the top-of-the-range tool. Contact Garry Lumpe Imports on 011-425 4265 or visit

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