Leaked videos show off Samsung’s rumoured AR glasses

Date:23 February 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Apple is not the only company rumoured to be working on virtual and augmented reality wearables. It looks like Samsung has also entered the virtual reality race, and already has promotional videos showing off concept designs for its wearables, albeit leaked promo videos.

9to5Google recently discovered two videos shared by well-known leaker WalkingCat in which they show off what Samsung has planned up its sleeve in relation to next-generation wearable technology.

The first video shows off a pair of glasses called Glasses Lite. These are believed to be targeted at casual everyday users looking to watch movies, take part in video chats, or simply get some work done without the need for having a conventional display. As the name suggests, Glasses Lite will also have a “sunglasses mode”, which tints the lens slightly to protect those all-important eyes.

Take a look at the video below:

The next wearable doesn’t have a dedicated name like the Glasses lite, but the video is titled “Next Wearable Computing”, which suggests this will be the more advanced version of the two wearables. The Next Wearable Computing video envisions how AR glasses could improve on heavier workloads. The video shows off how AR glasses could be used to conduct holographic calls, where participants have a presence in the room. The glasses could also be used to explore virtual environments. An architect or building inspector could remotely inspect a site without ever having to leave their office, for example.

Take a look at the video below:

It remains unclear when, or if, these wearables will ever be released, but based on the technology shown off in the videos, the Glasses Lite are more likely to happen, as there have already been examples of similar technology being released in the past.

The technology behind the ‘Next Wearable Computing’ glasses on the other hand appears to be quite a way off, especially for commercial use.


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