Learn something new in your lunch break with these 5 useful apps

  • Droid Sky View (Star Map) app
  • 50 Languages app
  • Choking CPR app
  • Photography Trainer app
  • Gibson Learn and Master the Guitar app
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Not everyone has time to focus on a hobby, or learn a new skill. But now, with the popularity of smartphones and apps, one can learn almost anything in the time it takes to have lunch.  Check out these useful apps and learn something new in your free time.

1.       Droid Sky View (Star Map)

Use this app to become familiar with the night sky. It’s a virtual sky-map that you can use to learn what all the different constellations look like and where they are, using state-of-the-art GPS technology. It’s a great app for stargazers, and even works during the day.

Unfortunately, the Droid Sky View app is only available for Android.

2.       50 Languages

The 50 Languages app contains 100 lessons that provide you with a basic vocabulary in a foreign language. The lessons will quickly help you learn basic sentences that will come in handy in real-life situations, for example, at a restaurant or in a hotel.

50 Languages for Android
50 Languages for iPhone

3.       Gibson Learn and Master Guitar

Gibson has created an app that will help beginners learn how to play the guitar. It comes equipped with a metronome, tuner, chord chart and lessons from Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar. It’s a great app for people that really need help with the basics before they can progress a bit further.

Gibson Learn and Master Guitar forAndroid
Gibson Learn and Master Guitar for iPhone

4.       Photography Trainer

If you have a passion for photography, and are lucky enough to own a D-SLR camera, then this app is for you. Learn how to take amazing photos just like a pro, and get instructions that’ll help you become the master of your D-SLR. This app will teach you to understand shutter speed, aperture and ISO so that you can create perfect images.

Photography Trainer for Android
Photography Trainer for iPhone

5.       CPR Choking app

This CPR/Choking app offers videos on how to perform CPR and aid a choking victim. It is definitely not a substitute for proper CPR training, but it is very useful as a quick overview of the processes involved. These short videos are compliant with the latest recommendations from the major international resuscitation organisations. They aren’t ideal for using in an emergency situation, but are great for having a look and learning in your spare time, so that you have the knowledge at hand.

CPR Choking app for Android
CPR Choking app for iPhone

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