LED MagicBulb

Date:22 November 2012 Tags:,

Candles are fine for romantic dinners and locating gas leaks (just kidding), but let’s face it, they’re hardly a practical option when the electricity grid goes on the fritz. The LED MagicBulb, on the other hand, is a different thing entirely. This  rechargeable 2 W light bulb not only consumes a tiny amount of power, but can provide illumination for up to three hours after the lights go out.

It features three modes: one allows it to be used as a normal light bulb, the second allows you to rapidly recharge its internal battery while switched off, and the third ensures it always stays on even when there’s a power failure (which makes sense). If required, it may be removed from its socket and used as a torch once its built-in handle has been extended. Price: about R200. Contact Hirsch’s on 0861 447 724 or visit www.hirschs.co.za

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