Lehmann Aviation’s LA 200 UAV: no experience needed

Date:20 May 2014 Tags:, , ,

Simple is good. Smart is even better. With Lehmann Aviation’s LA 200, you get both. Designed for users with no piloting background, it’s a lightweight, fully autonomous UAV that can carry a GoPro action cam to capture all manner of interesting stills and videos in less-than-perfect flying conditions (read winds of up to 35 km/h).

Constructed mostly of foam and carbon fibre, it comes ready to fly (you’ll have to buy your own GoPro, naturally). Just connect the battery, set up your own flight path on a touchscreen tablet through the OperationCentre (running on Windows8), send the information via Wi-Fi directly to the aircraft, launch it by hand, and watch it do its thing before automatically returning to you.

According to Lehmann Aviation, hardware and software upgrades are rolled out on a regular basis.

Just the facts
Weight: Under 1 kg
Wingspan: Under 1 metre
Payload: GoPro Hero, Hero2 or Hero3
Mount: Choice of two positions – on top of the wing (for oblique images) or at the bottom of the wing (for vertical images); latter for Hero3 only.
Range: Up to 3 km
Flight endurance: Up to 30 minutes
Autopilot: Yes. Fully automatic, day or night

See how the LA UAV series syncs with a Windows8 tablet and/or Windows8 phone…

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