Lenovo Connect brings international wireless service to its users

Lenovo Connect will be available on the ThinkPad
Image credit: Lenovo ZA
Date:24 February 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, ,

Seamless communication across country borders is the promise of Lenovo Connect, launched by the Chinese tech company at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Targeted to Chinese, European, Middle East and African markets, Lenovo Connect gives its users access to local pricing on Internet access when travelling to international destinations. The service also eliminates the need to purchase a new sim card every time a user visits a different country.

“With the dawn of 5G and the Internet of Things, we expect to see the telecom market expand exponentially,” said Wang Shuai, vice president, Lenovo, and general manager, Understanding Telecom. “Lenovo Connect and our MVNO services will help move us into the new, globally connected world by creating a seamless smart connection across networks, services and devices.”

Lenovo Connect will be available for access in over 50 countries.

The service rollout has already started in China. During the first quarter of 2016 it will be available on select ThinkPad laptops in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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