• LG ARX8500 AV receiver system

    Date:22 November 2012 Tags:, ,

    If you’ve just spent a small fortune on a fancy 3D television, odds are you’d like a sound system to match. You might like to consider LG’s new ARX8500 AV receiver system. Pushing out a whopping 1 250 watts through its 5.2 channel multi-directional sound setup, it features a specialised horn compression tweeter to deal with high frequencies and a dual duct system for the efficiently delivery of powerful bass.

    The system’s 3D surround processor technology provides an immersive sound experience that complements the standard 3D entertainment function, allowing you to enjoy content delivered via a 3D PC, gaming console or Blu-ray player. You also get a USB and two HDMI ports that are compatible with a variety of content sources, including MP3 audio, JPEG images and DivX playback. Price: between R7 000 and R8 000 (our advice: shop around). Contact LG on 0800 545 454 or visit www.lge.com/za