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Google’s modular project Aria had the world gaga over the prospect of a truly bespoke smartphone. While Aria may still rock our worlds one day, LG unleashed the modular idea to the mass market with the cleverly designed G5. The all-aluminium design is a departure from the successful rear volume rocker, all-plastic casings of Gs 2 through 4, but the power button (now with integrated fingerprint sensor) is still to be found beneath the rear camera if your index finger was feeling a bit lonely. Speaking of the camera, LG did well by retaining the excellent module from the G4, but have added a secondary 8 MP unit with a 135° field of view alongside.

Now you can do cool things like negative zoom. USB type-C is on charging and data-transfer duty, but the magic of the device is that the bottom chin can be removed. It’s called the Magic Slot and it caters for a removable battery besides acting as a port for the G5’s “Friends” – like a camera grip or Bang & Olufsen headphone amplifier.

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This article was originally published in the April 2016 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine.

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