Live reading of 33 app Terms and Conditions

Norwegian Consumer Council guest reads terms and conditions
Image credit: Forbrukerrådet
Date:24 May 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , , ,

Who reads terms and conditions? Reams of fine print are often accepted without much thought for what consumers could be agreeing to. In an attempt to illustrate what it means to read the fine print, the terms and conditions of 33 apps are being read on live-stream here.

The Norwegian Consumer Council invited guests to read the t’s and c’s of 33 apps that are commonly used by Norwegian consumers. The total policy word count exceeds 250 000 words – about four and a half times the average number of words in a novel.

“The current state of terms and conditions for digital services is bordering on the absurd. Their scope, length and complexity mean it is virtually impossible to make good and informed decisions,” says Digital Policy Directorat the Norwegian Consumer Council, Finn Myrstad, in an article published on the Consumer Council’s website. “Standards should most definitely be established for how terms, conditions and privacy statements are written and presented.”

The reading is estimated to last more than 24 hours. Watch it live, here.

Image and video credit: Norwegian Consumer Council

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