Local artist’s 3D-printed wearable art

Local artist's 3D-printed wearable art
Date:20 January 2015 Tags:, , , ,

What happens when an electrical engineer who is actually an artist meets a 3D printer? Beautiful things happen, that’s what.

3D printing has moved way beyond prototyping. The additive process is being used to manufacture perfectly functional items (guns come to mind) and now we’re even talking printed cars and houses. It seems we’re limited only by our imaginations.

Actually, that’s not strictly true. But some people with truly imaginative minds are using 3D printers in innovative ways to create designs of such exquisite beauty they can be described only as works of art. Those you see on these pages are the product of one such inventive mind, which happens to reside right here in South Africa. Is there a 3D-printed future on the horizon for Mzansi?

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