• Major Twitter hack linked to 17-year-old teen

    Date:3 August 2020 Author: Leila Stein

    The major Twitter hack which resulted in accounts of celebrities, politicians and business leaders being hacked has been linked to a teenager from Florida.

    The alleged hacker didn’t hack into the system but rather convinced an employee at the social media company that he was a fellow employee who needed login credentials.

    According to MyBroadband, Graham Ivan Clark, a 17-year-old from Tampa, Florida allegedly hijacked 130 accounts as part of a cryptocurrency scam. The high school graduate will now face 30 felony charges for the hack and theft.

    The messages sent out through these famous accounts asked users to send them Bitcoin in return for double their “investment”. Depending on the account, the reason for this move by the celebrity account was dependent on their position. Some tweet claimed it was for charity, though all of this was false.

    Twitter said that of the accounts hacked, 45 posted public tweets and 36 had their direct messages accessed and seven had their Twitter data downloaded.

    The hack and tweets led to $100,000 being received in Bitcoin from people who believed the tweets were real.

    Two other users were also charged with allegedly aiding Clark. They are also young users who allegedly met through the OGUser account name trading community.

    Image: Pexels


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