Make it 2 Bushmills Day 1

  • Jonathan and Sean arrive at Belfast airport
  • Proudly South African
  • Sean and Jonathan being interviewed along the Bushmills bank
  • The guys stop for a drink at Giant's Causeway
  • A signed barrel with all of our names that will sit for 5 years
Date:17 August 2011 Tags:, , , ,

It was a wet start in Belfast this morning, but needless to say Jonathan and Sean’s spirits were not dampened. We headed out to Bushmills at around 10 am and were checked into the very quaint and beautiful Bushmills Inn.

We had lunch and got to spend some time meeting the other contestants. Jonathan and Sean have been eyeing out their competition and South Africa is looking pretty strong! Each competing pair have their own story to tell as to how they got to Bushmills, one of the memorable being a married couple from Great Britain whose story might not go down so well with the whiskey lovers out there. A few years back whilst making dinner, the wife grabbed what she thought was olive oil to make cous cous only to realise afterwards that it was her husband’s prized Bushmills 16 year old Single Malt. Needless to say she entered to redeem herself.

After getting to know everyone we set off to the distillery for a behind the scenes VIP tour led by Master Distiller Colum Egen. Everyone got to sign a barrel of whiskey that will now sit in the oak for five years. Colum says it will be an excuse to come back then and taste it.

We then set off to the Giant’s Causeway. What a spectacular place. Ireland likes to think of it as the ‘9th wonder of the world’. We got to stand on the rocks and toast the ‘Gentle Giant’.

The day ended with dinner and an early night because tomorrow is the big day. It is an early start with the first challenge being that of the barrel rolling. The winners will be announced tomorrow night so cross your fingers and toes and let’s hope our guys can bring Bushmills home.

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