Malfunctioning ATM spews out thousands of rands

Date:28 July 2022 Author: Rienk De Beer

The moment two Oudtshoorn siblings were going to attempt another ATM to withdraw money, the previous one began spewing cash uncontrollably.

ABSA, the bank in question, acknowledged the situation and according to the report, an inquiry into the incident showed that the cash was spewed out of the ATM as a result of an unfinished transaction.

Despite the fact that this was an isolated incidence, Pholushi Malesa, regional executive for physical channels at Absa, recommended users of ATMs to always make sure their transaction is complete before walking away.

The story gained most of its traction not because of the ATM’s error, but rather as a result of the siblings selfless choice to inform local authorities as opposed to pocketing the cash.

The siblings were heading to a nearby bank in High Street to get cash for their mother when Alysia came across an ATM that was dumping R50, R100, and R200 bills all over the place.

“My mother asked me to go do a withdrawal for her at the bank and then my brother and I drove to the centre where he waited outside for me while I went inside. It was very quiet inside the centre, and I didn’t see any security guards, so I tried to be as quick as possible,” said Alysia. 

Alysia stated that she attempted the first ATM but it wasn’t working, so she tried the second one but it was also broken.

“I was about to go to the third one, but I just looked to my right and saw that money was shooting out of the second ATM. I was in complete disbelief.”

She stated that she was by herself inside the centre and that she initially believed the incident to be a failed robbery because “how does money just come flowing out of the bank like that?”

“I then looked up above the bank teller and saw CCTV cameras, and I looked into the camera hoping there is a security guard on the other side as I indicated to them to look what is happening here, and pointed to the money on the floor. 

“I then quickly ran out to tell my brother what was happening, and he came back inside with me to see.”

The decided it best to call local police.

“I told them what was happening, they arrived immediately and cornered off the scene until the bank manager arrived,” said Alysia.

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