• Man creates VR video of Everest climb

    Date:9 March 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

    Cameraman Jonathan Griffith has released his documentary about the world’s tallest summit, made especially for virtual reality headsets.

    Now, those who wish to see what climbing this incredible summit might look like, but are not looking to face the treacherous journey themselves, can get a virtual glimpse of the epic landscape.

    Everest VR: Journey to the Top of the World was made possible by following a Nepalese climber attempting a no-bottled-oxygen ascent of the mountain, according to Metro.uk.

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    Two years ago I came up with the crazy idea to Live Stream and shoot a 3D Virtual Reality Film of Ueli Steck climbing the Mt Everest – Mt Lhotse traverse. It’s been without a doubt the most ambitious production I have ever tried to put together, but I’m excited to be shooting Ueli’s climbing partner Sherpa Tenji attempt to finish off what Ueli had started, and in his style. For me it’s about honouring the memory of one of my closest friends and bringing the Nepalese climbing community to the main stage. You can follow us on National Geographic channels @natgeoadventure as well as right here as we share you images, 360 content, and a Live Stream of the entire traverse. Wish us luck and good weather!

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    Produced with the assistance of Oculus, a Facebook-owned virtual reality (VR) company, the series is broken up into three separate episodes.

    ‘I’ve taken cameras to places that humans have never stepped foot on before and brought back images and stories from some of the harshest locations on this planet,’ Griffith says on his website. ‘We’ve only just scratched the surface when it comes to VR and its huge potential —  it’s something that I am working passionately on with various clients across different business sectors to create new and compelling VR stories and documentaries.’

    The number of people climbing the mountain has grown exponentially, with many worried about it being overcrowded and polluted. People are being told to rethink tackling the mountain, to decrease human impact on the mountain.

    Watch a snippet of the series here:

    You will need a VR headset to watch the series. If you do have one, find the series here.

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