• Man takes cross country roadtrip on Google Street View

    Date:15 July 2020 Author: ilhaam Bardien

    In the time of coronavirus, many of us are feeling agitated with being stuck at home. People are itching to travel and see the world again. One USA-based man decided he wouldn’t let COVID-19 restrictions get in his way.

    Uday Schultz, a 19-year-old sophomore at Harvard, decided he would fulfil his life long dream of a cross country drive, during his summer break. However, he was without a car, and the pandemic stood in his way.

    These obstacles were nothing for Schultz. On June 19, he announced on Twittter that he would undertake the road trip using Google Street View, and he would complete it one click at a time.

    “I’ve decided I’m going to drive from Seattle to NYC on Google Streetview. Have been considering this since quarantine began, but am now finally biting the bullet. Trying to get in 30-60 mins a day until I reach,” he said.

    According to Vice, Schultz decided to take up this endeavour as a sort of research project.

    Speaking to Motherboard, Schultz said: “I didn’t think it would be a gigantic thing I would remember forever. But it has taken up a life of its own in that regard.”

    He has been on the trip for just under a month now, and he is steadily making his way to his destination. He consistently updates his followers with progress on the Twitter thread dedicated to this trip.

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    Image: Twitter / @A320Lga

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