Marantz Consolette Premium Speaker Dock : don’t stop the music

Date:13 April 2013 Tags:, ,

Looking for a quality speaker dock that fits your modern lifestyle? You need to check out the Marantz Consolette Premium Speaker Dock. Granted, at about R16 000 a pop, this baby doesn’t come cheap, but it does deliver a lot of bang for the buck. More specifically, you get 150 watts of digital amplification (50 watts per woofer and 25 watts for each tweeter) in a powerful, bi-amped configuration. Operating in isolated sub-enclosures, Balanced Mode Radiator drivers produce wide dispersion at high frequencies, enabling the unit to deliver music with Hi-Fi-like sound staging.

It allows you to stream music wirelessly from your iTunes library or mobile device – whether it’s an Apple, Android or Windows-based product – and it supports wired connections to your home network. What’s more, it comes with six Internet radio presets, so you can enjoy your favourite programmes even when your iDevice or smartphone is unavailable. You also get USB input, a built-in iPod dock and remote control.

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