McIntosh McAire: Wi-Fi enabled space saving audio system

Date:1 June 2013 Tags:, ,

Audiophiles are a finicky lot, but even they would have a hard time faulting McIntosh’s new McAire Wi-Fi enabled space saving audio system. Equipped with two 10 cm woofers, two 5 cm mid-ranges and two 2 cm tweeters, it’s capable of streaming music via your home network from your Mac or PC-based iTunes library as well as your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Aside from taking the harsh edge off digital music, it buffs the synths, brass and auto-tuned vocals to deliver a velvety, lustrous sound.

USB docking is available for all-day playback and charging, with song selection and volume handles courtesy of the included remote, or via your iPhone or iPod Touch. To match your room’s aesthetics, or simply your personal preferences, the speaker grilles are easily removed to expose the mid-ranges and tweeters. Price: about R39 000. Contact distributors HFX Group on 011-907 9092 or visit

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