Micro is the only travel adapter you’ll ever need

Date:7 June 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, ,

Do you travel? Then I’m sure you know all about universal power adapters. Sadly they’re not the most travel friendly gadgets. Bring in Micro, a new travel adapter that hopes to be more useful than the traditional adapter.

Most universal adapters tend to be bulky and awkwardly-sized, a direct consequence of having to hold different types of plugs in a single enclosure. Micro is something different. It’s the world’s smallest universal travel adapter and weighs only 40 grams – making it easy to store and carry. It also includes the UK, US and Euro-style outlets.

The new contraption will be a staple for international travellers, hoping to keep all their electronic devices charged-up regardless the destination. This one-adapter-fits-all is compatible with power outlets in over 150 countries on all seven continents and ensures you can safely plug in your electronic devices to ease your travel experience.

To use Micro, you simply insert the electronic device’s plug that you want to charge into Micro and release the socket which matches the electrical outlet of the country you’re visiting. The levers on each side of the adapter allows you to deploy and lock each set of plugs in place as shown in the video above.

The adjustable built-in casting to cover the third pin of any three-prong plug for ultimate safety and ease-of-use adds to Micro’s usability and functionality. My favourite feature has to be the integrated and replaceable 6.3A fuse which protects your devices from electrical surges.

The days of packing bulky, multi-adapters and worrying about power surges that can damage electronic devices are over. A crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Micro. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at about R332.55.

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