Microsoft brings voice features to Outlook

Date:10 June 2021 Author: Micayla Vellai Tags:, , , , ,

Microsoft Outlook is making digital life easier by introducing voice commands that allows users to dictate emails and schedule meetings naturally and conveniently.

This is according to Gadgets 360, who explains that the new voice features will first be implemented on Outlook for iOS, and thereafter will be ‘coming soon’ to Outlook for Android.

Microsoft will employ the use of the virtual assistant, Cortana, to help users become familiar with the app on mobile platforms as these dictation abilities were available only on the desktop app before.

Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365, Jared Spataro, unpacks the new, enhanced voice capabilities in an article:

Use your voice to schedule meetings in Outlook mobile

Just got home from a night out, and you completely forgot to schedule an important meeting? Say goodbye to stress and worry with the convenience of the new voice features.

Spataro explains that your virtual assistant, Cortana, is there to help. Cortana uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to locate the correct file, connect to a certain co-worker, or even manage your calendar. What’s really cool about this feature is that if you’d like to enquire when the next meeting is taking place, all you’d have to do is tap the microphone icon, ask a question such as “Which meeting is coming up next?” and Cortana will process your answer and get you back on track.

Speed, ease and convenience definitely summarises this feature, and complex projects can also be managed without hassle as Cortana leverages insights from Microsoft Graph to recognise your working patterns, and identifies who you work with.

Use your voice to do natural language search in Outlook mobile

It’s much easier to search with your voice and to surface content in Outlook mobile, Spataro says. He uses the example of saying “Find emails sent to John with attachments about the Q1 project budget” to show how natural the search becomes, without having to rely on key search terms.

Use dictation in Outlook mobile

Users of Microsoft 365 have the ability to use their voices to respond to new email messages or compose them. This feature delivers advanced speech-to-text while you’re on the go. The chances of spelling names incorrectly are very slim as Diction in Outlook recognises the names of the people you work with. Now there’s more ease to get work done in a shorter space of time.

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