Microsoft offers free Teams training to educators across SA

Date:28 April 2020 Author: Imogen Searra

Microsoft along with their various partners will be providing free Teams training to academic institutions across South Africa.

Free half-day training in Teams will be rolled out to help the different institutions to effectively use this technology, and to create easily accessible remote learning across the country.

According to IT News Africa, Lilian Barnard, Microsoft South Africa’s Managing Director said: “Education is key to helping people build a better life, increase one’s chances of obtaining high-quality jobs and opening up a sea of opportunities that might not have been available before. And now, the move to remote learning has made maintaining a high standard of education more important than it’s ever been.”

The outbreak of COVID-19 has placed learning institutions of all levels under immense pressure. Remote learning has proven to be challenging for both student and educator. Rolling out free Teams training aims to combat these challenges by providing an easier transition for academia throughout South Africa.

Local collaborators, according to IT News Africa, include:

  • Argantic,
  • Cloud Company,
  • Decision Inc,
  • Mint Group,
  • Moke Learning Technologies,
  • Moyo,
  • NB Consult,
  • Scadco and
  • SmartAcademy.

Any academic institution will be able to register for the free training online. From here, the institution will be able to choose one of the local partners to conduct the training. Partners will reach out to the institutions to arrange a suitable date and time for the half-day training session.

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