Mindset smart headphones to help you focus

A front and side view of the Mindset smart headphones.
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Date:10 March 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, ,

Are interruptions getting in your way at work? Mindset smart headphones promises to boost your concentration levels and help hack your productivity, saying goodbye to distractions.

The EEG sensors embedded in the headphone’s band measures your brain’s electrical activity and can sense when you lose focus. Mindset notifies you when this shift occurs in your brain. According to research it takes 15 to 20 mins to completely refocus once you’re distracted, however with Mindset this time is reduced to seconds.

This distraction-cancelling tech has wireless audio powered by Onkyo. When was the last time you were completely focused for a long period of time or you felt like you accomplished all you set out to do for the day?

Productivity leaves the brain when we are fatigued. Mindset’s sensors tracks your brain activity and detect the concentration interference to recommend how much time you need to rest through the brain computer interphase.

Research shows that we waste up to 20 000 hours over the course of our career to distractions, this is valuable time you could have spend doing something more important.  After using the Mindset smart headphones for a few sessions it can identify what time of the day you’re most productive so you can optimise this opportunity to get more work done. The goal is to train your brain with time to recognise distractions and better avoid them to ensure overall better concentration and make you a more efficient person.

Mindset is currently in it’s prototype phase. If you are interested in the Mindset smart headphones, show your support on Kickstarter.

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