A modern classic: Fujifilm X20

Date:11 June 2013 Tags:, ,

If you enjoy the feel of a “classic” camera but don’t want to abandon high-quality digital in favour of acetate  film, you can’t go wrong with Fujifilm’s latest premium compact, the X20. Following in the footsteps of the highly acclaimed X10, it inherits the previous model’s high-precision lens and refined design while offering substantially improved performance.

The newly developed 12 MP sensor and processor increases resolution by about 20 per cent and reduces noise by more than 30 per cent, allowing it to really deliver the goods. Thanks to the removal of the optical low-pass filter, it can produce clear images with minimal graininess, even at high ISO settings.

The optical 4x (manual) zoom lens features a wide-angle maximum aperture of 2.0 and a telephoto maximum aperture of 2.8. The company’s proprietary HT-EBC lens coating prevents  are and ghosting. It’s a pretty fast camera: start-up time is about half a second, with a shutter time lag in the region of 0,01 seconds and a shooting interval of 0,5 seconds. Price: about R6700. Contact Fujifilm on 011-430 5400 or visit www.fujifilm.co.za


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