Mokase turns your phone in to a coffee machine

  • Mokase in action. Image credit: Mokase
  • How Mokase looks on the inside. Image credit: Mokase
  • Mokase components Image credit: Mokase
Date:19 May 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, , ,

Attention all caffeine addicts. Your smartphone is about to get a whole lot smarter with this Mokase tech add-on.

Take your espresso on the go with Mokase – a new mobile phone case that allows you to brew your own shot of espresso conveniently when and wherever you want.

The Smart K duo, Luigi Carfora and Clemente Biondo are the minds behind the idea. Building the device into a phone case was a logical one for them, because people always have their mobiles close to hand.

The phone case turns your smartphone into an espresso maker through a simple to use system. The waterproof case is 1 centimetre thick and can accommodate a 25 millilitres capsule of liquid coffee which only takes up to eight seconds to heat up at 60 degrees.

How does the Mokase system work? The coffee is housed inside a disposable vacuumed sealed wafer cartridge known as Mokaromi. The coffee is then heated by the case’s integrated battery and uses the app to set the entire process into motion.

How Mokase works:

As seen in the image below, the alloy aluminum-sillicon pipe is where your shot of caffeine will pump out of and into a small cup.

Viola, a delicious brew that comes in three flavour varieties to indulge in. Choose from the classic, toasted or 100 percent Arabic Mokaromi wafer. The special wafer system will keep the coffee fresh for up to 3 months.

The team has even designed the cup in which you pour the coffee as an easy to carry keyring which perfectly compliments the on-the-go concept.

The developers have future plans of diversifying your Mokase experience by giving the option to choose your coffee with or without sugar.

The cases are available in two colours, black and white. Get your hands on a phone cover for a discounted price of about R380 on their website.

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