• Mother reunites with deceased daughter using VR

    Date:10 February 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:,

    Virtual reality (VR) is often viewed as nothing more than just another way to play games, but the people at the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation seem to think differently when it comes to the emerging technology.

    They used the power of VR to reunite Jang Ji-sung, a Korean mother with her deceased daughter, Nayeon, of four years in what might be the most heartbreaking video of 2020. The clip, which was posted to Youtube on 6 February 2020 is titled ‘I Met you’ and shows Ji-sung reaction to seeing her daughter for the first time in four years, and even the two of them sharing a meal in the virtual world. Nayeon sadly passed away in 2016 due to an incurable disease

    The team managed to recreate a virtual version of Nayeon, along with the park that Ji-sung and Nayeon would visit when she was alive over the time span of eight months. They also made use of a stunt double and variety of photos to recreate Nayeon’s appearance. Finally, the team used snippets of Nayeon’s voice to make the recreation even more realistic.

    Take a look at the incredible video below, and be sure to have a tissue or two nearby.

    Image: Twitter/ @cyberanimax