MotherBox is a wireless charging solution

  • The wire-free device comes in two sizes, the MotherBox and the MotherBox mini. Image Credit: Yank Technologies
  • The wire-free device comes in two sizes, the MotherBox and the MotherBox mini. Image Credit: Yank Technologies
  • MotherBox wireless charger's expected charging range. Image Credit: Yank Technologies
Date:7 June 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, ,

I’m sure that all of us would rather plop down on a comfy sofa to charge our smartphone. It’s easier than having to plug it into a wall socket, set it to a charging pad, or dig for the appropriate cable. Startup, Yank Technologies in Columbia University lab have developed a router-like wireless charging solution for smart devices called the MotherBox.

The project was launched on Indiegogo earlier this year. It defines itself as the first truly wireless charging product because no point to point contact is required between the phone and the charging unit.

It’s simple to use. A receiver is a thin accessory that plugs into the power port of your compatible smartphone like an Android or iOS and should be attached directly to the phone to charge. The charging performance is best when the phone is closer to the MotherBox, and apparently other multiple devices can be charged in this way.

The innovation behind the device is a patent pending antenna configuration that transmits the charging signal in all directions and takes away the requirement to lay your phone flat against a charging surface. A companion smartphone app lets users customise the rate of charging and serves push notifications when the connected device begin to run low on battery.

The wireless charger comes in two different sizes. The MotherBox comes in a range of 50 cm and the MotherBox mini has a range of 25 cm. The wireless transmitter automatically compensates for obstructions.

The MotherBox charges devices wirelessly, however, the truncated icosahedron-shaped (that’s a polyhedron with 20 faces) device itself needs to be plugged in. The mini has a rechargeable battery and can be used on the go. Both come with a USB cable and receiver. The device is available for pre-order from Indiegogo for about R1141.67.

Truly wireless charging is a promise that technology companies have been making for years. I’m hoping that the MotherBox is the magical wireless future we’ve been promised.

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