Artificial brain makes music – sort of

Date:11 August 2015 Tags:, ,

Some weird music might sound more like the random meandering of a cat across a keyboard than a rational thought process, but generally there’s a brain involved. Even if it’s an artificial one. MozarDaniel Johnson, owner of the blog Hexahedria and music enthusiast (or so his blog says), has shared a piece of music created by a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) or primitive cloud-computer brain. Although hardly complex by Mozart’s standards, it’s more impressive than anything most of us could come up with.

Johnson gave the network a series of short compositions and, using an algorithm, trained it to compose music. “Sometimes it seems to get stuck playing the same chords for a really long time. It hasn’t seemed to have learned how long to hold those. But overall, the output is pretty interesting,” he writes.

Johnson adds that for some time now he has been playing with the idea of writing a program that could compose music, but after reading about neural networks decided that was a more strategic option for music composition. He says, “…a few weeks ago, I got to work designing my network. And after training for a while, I am happy to report remarkable success!”

Listen to ten tracks from the composition above, or click here to read how Johnson got to the results.

Source: Hexahedria via Popular Mechanics USA

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