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If you own a relatively new smartphone, you have the ability to do a decent photoshoot. However, having a good smartphone camera will only get you so far. You’ll need a good photo editing app to make the final images pop. Below are a few of our favourite photo editing applications for iOS and android for you to try out on your next photoshoot.


If you’ve scoured the app store in the last year or so, chances that you’ve seen VSCO are pretty high, and there’s good reason for that. Amateurs and professionals alike love this app because of its advanced effects and editing abilities which include making adjustments to white balance, shadows, exposure, highlights and more.

Intuitive interface and natural effects make the app easy to use for beginners.

Some of the best features are locked behind a paywall.


2. Photoshop Express

Adobe applications need little introduction. Widely used by professionals, Photoshop Express provides users with special border effects, correction tools, localised adjustments, and a variety of excellent filters and edits options to choose from.

Along with the ability to edit pictures, Photoshop Express allows you to create animated gifs.

The free version has a limited amount of features.


3. Google Snapseed

If you’re looking to get arguably the best photo editing software for android devices (also available on iOS) Snapseed is definitely the option for you. Originally developed by Nik, now owned by google, Snapseed gives users unbridled access to a huge amount of filters, along with features like lens blur, HDR scape and more.

The application is absolutely free.

The interface can be awkward to navigate around for those who are new to the app.

4. Foodie

This one is for those who simply can’t resist taking a picture of their food. The Foodie app embraces this impulse and takes your food pictures to a whole new level. If you’re used to editing pictures on Instagram then you’ll be familiar with Foodies interface, with the only exception being an array of 30 different filters compared to Instagram’s 23 filters.

The intuitive interface makes the app easy to use for beginners.

The application requires access to your location, camera, photo-library, and microphone. All of which will be sent back to the companies servers, which some users might not feel comfortable doing.

5. Hypercam

Our final suggestion is one specially meant for those who love editing in black and white. Hypercam converts the world around you into black and white, so you can see what the shot will look like without colour before you take it. Hypercam also offers you a ton of tools designed especially for black and white photos like texture and contrast adjustments.

Hypercam gives you the ability to view the world around you in black and white before you take a picture, giving you a better idea of what the final product will look like.

A few of the more popular features require an in-app purchase to use.

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