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Travelling isn’t like it used to be, where tourists would get lost trying to interpret a massive printed map while struggling to communicate with locals. Here is a list of apps you can download to help you navigate your away around new and exciting locations.

Google Maps might be the first and most obvious choice when it comes to maps of the city you’re visiting, but provides an alternate option. This app downloads comprehensive maps for offline use with all the information like shops and restaurants. This makes it easier when you don’t have access to wifi and means you can change plans on the spot without feeling lost.

Google Translate

While it is often the case that people speak English as well as their local language, it is always handy to have a translation app for those moments where you need some assistance.


A translation app may make the need to learn a language unnecessary but it is often easier to connect to people without the middle man, and locals often appreciate someone at least trying to communicate with them in their language. So, brushing up on some language basics before you leave and while you’re traveling around is probably a good idea.

Culture Trip

You may already have heard of Culture Trip for its online travel articles, but the content creation site is also an app. You can find out about cool local happenings and the best places to visit wherever you are.

Uber (or local equivalent)

There might be a good local transport system where you’re visiting but having an e-hailing app on hand is always useful for when those are closed for the night or you feel a bit stuck. Uber operates in many countries, but some have their own versions so doing some research and downloading the best option before you leave is worth the effort.

Local transport app

If you are keen to use the local transport system, many people these days use apps to update times for busses and trains as well as to house online tickets. Finding out of there is an app, and if it is available in your language, will make navigating the sometimes unique and confusing public transport systems a breeze.

Trip Advisor

This popular app has been helping travellers find restaurants, activities and hotels for years. Tried and tested, this app helps when deciding on where to go to eat on a night-out or deciding whether a specific tourist activity is really worth the effort.

XE Currency Converter

Although some might be good at completing quick maths, others struggle a bit more. This app will help with converting currency when you need them.


Traveling with a group of friends can be fun, but also stressful. Often, expenses arise and it’s easier for one person to pay than split it between the group. Splitwise helps, by generating “bills” to identify who owes who and updates when the debts are settled.

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