Napoleon LHD50 Limited Edition gas fireplace

Napoleon's LHD50 Limited Edition fireplace
Date:1 June 2012 Tags:, , ,

Bling’s the thing

The manufacturer calls it “the perfect marriage of Swarovski and Napoleon”. We think they could have brought in the Liberace angle, but still, there’s no denying that this is an eye-catching fireplace – and Napoleon is certainly a respected name in the home heating game.

What makes its LHD50 Limited Edition gas fireplace rather special is a bed of precision-cut Swarovski crystals, which reflect the flickering firelight to create a unique ambience. Helping this along is a bank of so-called “Crystalites” – little lights embedded beneath the ember bed that shine on to the crystals to enhance the display. Among the other features are a chrome bevelled door frame, electronic ignition with battery back-up, 50 per cent flame/heat adjustment for maximum comfort and efficiency, and hand-held remote for controlling the flame and lights.

According to the manufacturer, the fireplace is approved for bathrooms, bedrooms, bedsits and mobile homes. Seriously.

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