NASA is offering R380,000 for a winning lunar unloading system design

Date:30 November 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

NASA is asking for your help to design a system for astronauts to use for unloading cargo on the lunar surface as part of the upcoming Artemis Mission. Not only will your name go down in history for designing one of the most important cargo systems in this historic mission, but you could also receive a hefty cash reward for your efforts.

NASA recently launched the NASA Lunar Delivery Challenge which includes a grand prize pool of R380,000 [$25,000] that will be shared amongst the six winning participants. Those taking part in the challenge will need to design a system that will help astronauts unload vital supplies like equipment to build their base camp and conduct scientific experiments on the moon’s surface.

The challenge comes in building a system that is capable of functioning in an environment that not only has a much lower gravity than that of Earth’s, but also has no atmosphere, broad temperature swings, abrasive dust, and uneven terrain with potential obstacles. The designs need to be cost-effective and flexible enough to support a variety of payloads.

The competition is being hosted on crowdsourcing social network called HeroX, and those looking to participate will have until 20 January to enter, with judging closing on 10 March. Winners will be announced on 16 March 2020.



Picture: Twitter/@Iamherox

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