Netflix is testing ‘audio-only’ feature for Android users

Date:17 December 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Netflix has spent years building up a plethora of video content on its platform, however, it looks as though the streaming service could now be setting its sites on the podcast market.

In October of this year, XDA published a report in which it revealed the existence of a brand new audio-only playback feature that allows users to listen to content on the streaming site without any video playback, though the feature was not made available to the public.

Now, it appears as though Netflix has started to roll out this feature to some android users around the world. According to reports from Android Police, the audio-only playback feature will be made available to certain Android users through a server-side update.

A majority of Android users are still waiting for the feature, but those who do have access to the new option will notice that when a video starts playing in full-screen mode, they are presented with a “Video off,” button. As the name suggests, if a user selects this option, the video will be disabled while the audio continues to play in the background. Users also have the option to scrub through the audio, pause, and playback, similar to the regular video playback.

The feature will most likely be used for listening to content like sitcoms, documentaries, or stand-up performances for now, but it may be part of a larger pivot into the podcast world by Nextflix in the future.


Picture: Pixabay

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