• New airplane seat will make it easier to sleep in economy

    Date:10 December 2019 Author: Leila Stein

    Sleeping on an airplane is one of the worst experiences when it comes to air travel. Unless you find yourself in business or first class, it is unlikely you are going to get any rest in the stiff and tightly packed economy seating.

    Universal Movement, a London-based company, has designed a chair it hopes will revolutionise comfort in economy class.

    Designed by Luke Miles, previous Head of Design for Virgin Atlantic, the chairs feature wings which move to allow for different configurations depending on the travellers preference. Those on board can now lean against one in-turned wing to rest their head or close both for a little more privacy.


    “[Universal Movement] is a company dedicated to improving the travel experience for all, through innovative product solutions that respond to the way people move,” they said on their website.

    Miles explained that investment in improving seats for business and first class have always been a priority but that means economy class, which makes up most of the plane, is left behind.

    “I think people have been fixated on pitch and thinness of the back, and not about how you move. When I’m on a plane I like to curl into the seat,” Miles told Business Traveller,”People don’t think in those terms, they think the aircraft is dictating how you should move and what comfort means, when in fact it’s something much more simplistic than that.”

    Although the designs on display are created with wings, Miles told CNN Travel, that the wings could also be retrofitted onto current airline seats.

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