• New robotic dog is cheaper and cleaner

    Date:21 January 2020 Author: Aimee Pace

    Pets add a lot to one’s life but it can often be pricey or just not viable to have one for many people around the world. So whether your apartment or your paycheck doesn’t allow it, this new robotic pet option might be just what you need.

    Meet Oideyo Bongo, the new robot doggo that is taking Japan by storm as it solves the affordability and space problem many animal-lovers in the nation are faced with.

    This smart electronic pet offers a cleaner and cheaper alternative to owning a real dog and allows aspiring owners to get used to the idea before they are able to own a real dog.


    Made by the Bandai Namco Group, Bongo is a smart pet that follows his owner with the wave of a hand and can even play fetch.

    While he may not be as fluffy as his non-electric counterpart he makes up for it in cleanliness, cuteness and the lack of a need for expensive food.

    His adorable animated looking face and small wheels hidden by tiny legs and topped with a peppy black tail are hard to refuse along with his tendency to follow his owner around.

    Designed after a dachshund or sausage dog, Bongo’s body has a classic elongated look with an extending midriff. Features include the ability to wag his tail, perk up his ears when asked a question as well as display a variety of dog-like movements including barking at strangers.

    Bongo retails for just 12 800 yen or R1685 which in Japan is roughly a 10th of the price of a real-life dog and less than some South African counterparts too, plus your puppy with never grow up.


    Image: prtimes

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