• New SA online school to go live in 2021

    Date:4 August 2020 Author: Leila Stein

    The future of schooling, which appears to be online and possibly at home, is expected to go live in South Africa from January 2021.

    Evolve Online School from the private learning group AdvTech will have Grades R-9 available from next year.

    The online system doesn’t work like standard school grades where students learn through a uniform class curriculum but rather adapts according to each students’ ability. The curriculum was developed by MIT according to AdvTech.

    According to BusinessTechthe online model uses Apple/iOS technology and will aim to provide a holistic education including life skills through “life coaches”.

    “Our team of life coaches will focus exclusively on these skills. Our children are growing up in a world very different from the one in which we grew up. Things that we, as adults, deal with and take in our stride they are already facing at a very young age,” told BusinessTech. 

    Students will go through a diagnostic test to find their level of proficiency and place them at the correct level, learners will progress at their own pace and interact in live classes. In addition, social opportunities like day camps and studios will make socialising possible.

    The big factor here is the price. Private schooling in South Africa is expensive and while getting the technology to meet the technological need of this school is also expensive, the annual fees are lower than the standard private school.

    With Grade 9 only being R29 900, compared to around R120 000 for AdvTech’s Crawford private school.

    This is the second private online school to open in the country, as the coronavirus pandemic has pushed students out of classes into online learning.

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