New Year’s resolution: 10 apps to help you achieve it

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Finding it challenging sticking to your New Year’s resolution? Or are you just wanting to make 2017 a better year? What better way to achieve your resolutions than with the technology you already have at your disposal. Use your devices to keep on track and help you achieve your goals. All apps are Android and iOS compatible. Let’s take a look at some resolutions that you may have and the apps to help you achieve them.

Is your New Year’s resolution a promise to read more?

Scribd will help you with just that for less than the cost of a paperback. The app provides access to the best magazines, eBooks, novels, documents, audio books and more on the go. Explore trending topics, get personalised recommendations or escape into a good story. A membership gives you unlimited access to Scribd’s database. There’s a free trial for the first month, thereafter it costs R179.99 per month.

Want to learn a new language?

You should try Duolingo – it’s simple to use. You setup a profile, choose a language and set your weekly goals and off you. This app offers over 19 languages for you to learn, with about 39 courses to complete.

Whether you are kicking bad habits or establishing good new ones, this New Year’s resolution is easier said than done.

But yes, you can do it and even make it fun. HabitBull is great for people who have flexible habit-building goals. The app doesn’t limit you to one daily reminder – you can customise an alert for specific days of the week and various times.

Will 2017 be stress free?

Manage stress with Pacifica. This app helps you track and analyse your mood each day and will guide you through ways to improve it. Pacifica’s activities can aid you based on mindfulness, relaxation and cognitive behavioural therapy. If you need support you can share it with your friends or join the Pacifica community of users.

Looking to get more done?

Be more productive and get creative this year with Paper by FiftyThree. This app is just as useful as it is beautiful. Paper lets you draw out ideas and sketches and store them away in various virtual notebooks. It comes packed with a variety of brush and pen tools to assist you in executing your ideas. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can check out the Mix ecosystem within the app, which is a creative commons space for remixing ideas.

Trying to shed an extra few kilos?

You’d be hard to come by a better friend in your weight loss than MyFitnessPal. It makes calorie tracking easy, with a database of over 5 million foods. The integration with fitness trackers and apps that really makes it a winner and gives users an overall picture of calories you consume.

Is your New Year’s resolution a promise to get in shape?

The Nike + Training app provides more than 85 instructor-narrated fitness routines. It tracks our progress and rewards efforts with custom workouts created by Nike’s professionals, pro athletes and celebrities such star tennis player Serena Williams or comedian Kevin Heart. Create playlists to go along with your workouts and if ever you don’t understand an exercise from the instructor, you can click into a video demonstration for each move.

Want to be more of a social butterfly?

But don’t know what’s happening around you? Vibescout helps you find fun and cool local things to do near you. From book readings, to night markets and even the occasional cooking class – there are a lot of interesting and fun events waiting to be explored.

Trying to save for your dream vacation or just want to cut back on the budget?

The Goodbudget app can help you save money. Create a budget that actually works for you by tracking your expenses and practicing conscious spending on a monthly basis. Stay on budget and spend on what’s really important in life.

Vacation anyone?

Instantly plan and organise your next adventure with Google Trips. Discover new sights, and effortlessly track your travel information. The app automatically maps out daily suggestions and activities for things to see and do. From restaurants, parks and beaches – Google Trips makes exploring the world easier by organising your essential information in one place and making it available – even offline.

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