• Nikon 10×25 Aculon A30

    Date:2 July 2013 Tags:,

    Sometimes, 20/20 vision just isn’t enough. If you find yourself straining to see what’s happening in the centre of play, maybe you should consider getting a pair of Nikon’s latest compact binoculars, the 10×25 Aculon A30. Weighing 270 g and measuring 122 x 115 x 42 mm, they’re lightweight and compact enough to take anywhere. A protective rubber coating ensures you maintain a firm, comfortable grip (even when your team are losing theirs), and longer eye relief helps keep your attention where it should be. The 25 mm objective diameter, multilayer-coated lenses deliver wide, bright and sharply focused images. Price: about R1 100. Contact Nikon on 0861 164 566 or visit www.nikon.co.za

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