Nine-year-old boy receives anonymous R179 000 donation for high-tech bionic arm

Date:5 January 2022 Author: Leigh-Ann Londt Tags:, , , ,

Nine-year-old Billy Gregson was born with an upper limb congenital deficiency that caused his right arm to be shorter than the left with limited movement.

According to LADbible, Billy has always dreamed that his arm would grow back so that he could be like his friends and cast a fishing rod with his dad, Mark, 54, without needing help.

His mother, Donna, 49, researched potential solutions and found the OpenBionics company that produces prosthetics and thought they could make a high-tech arm for him, reports Mirror.

Due to the amount being R179 000 (£10,000), Donna decided to try and raise the money by herself. Thanks to a generous anonymous donation, Billy was able to receive a high-tech bionic arm. Not only can Billy respond to movements and utilise his arm to the full extent, but he now has the same functions as a normal arm.


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