Nintendo Switch price & launch date revealed

  • The Nintendo Switch console with all its parts. Image credit: Nintendo
  • The Nintendo Switch in TV Mode (left) and Handheld Mode (right). Image credit: Nintendo
  • The Switch being placed in its dock. Image credit: Nintendo
  • The Switch in TV Mode using the Joy-Con. Image credit: Nintendo
  • The Switch in Handheld Mode. Image credit: Nintendo
  • The Switch in Table Top Mode. Image credit: Nintendo
  • A closer view of the Nintendo Switch. Image credit: Nintendo
  • The Switch in TV Mode using the Joy-Con. Image credit: Nintendo
  • The Switch in Table Top Mode. Image credit: Nintendo
  • The Switch in Table Top Mode using the Joy-Con. Image credit: Nintendo
  • In Handheld Mode the Switch is completely portable. Image credit: Nintendo
  • The actual size of the Joy-Con controllers. Image credit: Nintendo
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After incredible interest in the Nintendo Switch, the Japanese company finally revealed details around the console, including specs, partners, price and launch date.

The Nintendo Switch will launch in most countries including South Africa, on 3 March 2017 at a recommended retail price of $299,99. Although console prices often maintain international recommendations, we’re estimating the local price to be between R3 999 and R4 499.

If you’re reading this and am not quite clear on what the Nintendo Switch is all about, here’s a breakdown:

Nintendo is the undisputed leader in handheld gaming, following the incredible success of the GameBoy and 3DS systems. And although the Wii was not locally as popular as the Xbox or Playstation, the company has stepped up to the plate and developed a gaming console that doubles as a handheld gaming device. Bring in the Nintendo Switch.

How it works

The Nintendo Switch has three gaming modes, including: TV Mode that allows games to be played on a TV in the traditional console gaming style; Table Top Mode allows the Switch to be positioned upright on a table using its novel kickstand; and Handheld Mode allows the Switch to be used as a portable gaming device when connecting its Joy-Con grips that serve as controllers.

Some more detail

The Nintendo Switch includes a dock that snuggle houses the console, the left and right Joy-Con grips and a Pro Controller in the style of the more classic two-handed controllers. It is fitted with a 6.2-inch multi-touch capacitive touch screen with a display resolution of 1280 x 720.

On board memory is limited to 32GB including the required space for system use, but it can be expanded using microSDXC cards.

In Handheld Mode the Nintendo Switch has a gaming time of between 2,5 and 6,5 hours, depending on the game played. The console charges with a USB Type-C, meaning a lost cable is not quite the end of the world and can easily be replaced.

Online and multiplayer

Switch allows for Wi-Fi multiplayer as well as local multiplayer with as many as eight connected devices. As a bonus multiplayer mode is not limited to TV Mode, but covers all three of the Switch Modes.

Although Nintendo’s online service for the Switch will kick off as free-to-use as of March, the trial will only last until Spring (northern hemisphere’s fall) later this year.

Check out the video below to see the Nintendo Switch in action, or scroll through the gallery above.



Images and video credit: Nintendo

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