NiteCore TM26 torch

Date:11 September 2013 Tags:, ,

A whopping 3 500 lumens in the palm of your hand? You’d better believe it. NiteCore’s übercompact TM26 torch (dubbed the Tiny Monster, for good reason) delivers the kind of performance you’d expect from a searchlight. Utilising four Cree XM-L U2 LEDs, toughened ultra-clear mineral glass (with anti-reflective coating) and high-tech reflectors, it’s said to be able to project its beam an impressive 415 metres.

It’s also tough. Made out of aerospace-grade aluminium alloy, with stainless steel bezel rings protecting its lens components from damage, it can handle a drop from 1,5 metres and is waterproof down to 2 metres (IPX-8). Strengthened thermal fins, combined with a temperature sensor, are said to make it extremely stable and reliable in real working conditions. It comes with an integrated camera-like tripod mounting point, so you can use it as a fixed outdoor or photographic light. Price: about R5 400. Contact NiteCore on 082 825 8442 or visit

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