Nokia and Robotical to assist with schooling in SA

Date:29 April 2020 Author: Adrian Brown

Robotical, a Scottish educational technology startup, has announced it will be working on Nokia’s helping hands initiative, to provide education to youth who are disadvantaged in South Africa.

The EdTech company is assisting Got Game, a South African NGO, on the project. Helping hands, is a global Corporate Social Responsibility program by Nokia. It’s aim is to support community initiatives across the world, especially in terms of promoting and delivering education.

Marty the robot, a robot which can be programmed and customised for children and educators, will be provided by Robotical. Across the country, schools will be able to make use of this tool to teach important digital skills, including coding.

“Having access to such an innovative piece of tech as Marty the Robot is a really exciting step for us. The fact that our pupils can progress from basic Scratch coding through to more complex Python exercises is a real plus,” said Keane Small, Got Game project lead to Digit.

According to Digit, the hope is that the program is able to increase STEM skills across South Africa. In a country in which studies have shown that many are not literate and a staggeringly low number of children end up pursuing a degree, these skills will make a world of difference.

“We have run initiatives in the past on a smaller scale with great success. Many of the children we work with have never had access to a computer, so our aim is to bridge the gap between those that do and those that don’t. By doing so we hope we can equip all children across South Africa with the skills needed for the job market of the future,” said Small.

The robot joins forces with Got Game’s ongoing We Code drive. Got Game will also assist schools to ensure coding and programming skills are solidified.

Thus far, Marty has been released to Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Limpopo with more regions and cities on the roster for the rest of 2020.

If you’re interested in what the robot looks like, have a look below:




Image: Unsplash

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