Off-road adventuring – gnarly turf shredder

DTV Shredder
Date:27 January 2011

If taking your fancy quad bike for a spin has become a bit of a yawn, tickle your sleepy adrenal glands with the DTV Shredder.

Invented by-21 year-old Canadian Benjamin Gulak, the Shredder is a combination of a skateboard deck with traditional skateboard trucks, a centrally positioned Honda 11 kW fourstroke engine, and two mean tank-treads. It is capable of shredding (that’s skate talk for “traversing enthusiastically”) any terrain at high speeds: snow, sand, wet mud, dense vegetation, trails and rough mountainous terrain.

Forward motion is activated by twisting the handlebar grip, like you would on a bike, and to steer the user leans to either side on the skateboard-like platform. It can handle slopes of up to 40 degrees, has a top speed of about 50 km/h, and boasts a turning radius of just 1,2 metres. It’s able to tow small trailers, can carry a payload of more than 500 kg, including rider. The Shredder can also be operated remotely via a hand-held RF unit.

Gulak’s company BPG Werks has more than just extreme sports junkies in its sights: it is pursuing the military, for understandable reasons. BPG says the Shredder’s low centre of gravity and rugged design make it particularly suited for military applications. Envisaged applications include reconnaissance, rescue and recovery, mobile surveillance, and medical evacuations in the field. Fitted with weaponry, they say, it represents a really cool offensive platform. However, the military version will feature a four-stroke 35 kW rotary engine with a top speed of around 100 km/h.

The DTV Shredder is expected to go on sale via the company’s Web site around midyear and to cost about R17 000 (excluding import duties). For more information, visit

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