• Ogio Rig 9800 rolling luggage bag

    Date:8 November 2013 Tags:

    Just pack and go

    Travelling can be fraught with issues, whether it’s making it through customs in one piece or planning outdoor adventures that suit your entire family. So the last thing you want to be stressing over is your luggage. Ogio’s Rig 9800 Luggage Gear Bag was designed to make travel less of a hassle. Featuring a carrying capacity of 123 litres, it’s big enough for you to stash all your stuff.

    A wide opening provides easy access to all compartments, and it comes with multiple zippered mesh organisation pockets for garments, shoes and accessories. You also get reinforced carry handles, oversized heavy duty threaded wheels with extra clearance, and a retractable handle. Price: about R3 600. Contact distributors Luksbrands on 011-262 0399 or visit www.ogio.com

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