Old Android users may lose access to some websites next year

Date:9 November 2020 Author: Leila Stein

While holding onto an older phone is always a great achievement, companies often eventually phase out older models by making them pretty much useless. This is now likely to happen to those with devices running Android versions older than 7.1.1.

According to Android Police, secure websites will no longer work on these devices as a switch over by the certification organisation Let’s Encrypt will remove this ability for older versions of Android.

Let’s Encrypt have identified that 33.8% of Android devices are running these older versions and so from 2021 they will start seeing errors when trying to load these websites. They have identified a possible break in 220 million websites for these users.

The company has offered a loophole, and that is downloading Firefox to access all the websites without this issue.

“For an Android phone’s built-in browser, the list of trusted root certificates comes from the operating system – which is out of date on these older phones,” explains a post on the organization’s website. “However, Firefox is currently unique among browsers – it ships with its own list of trusted root certificates. So anyone who installs the latest Firefox version gets the benefit of an up-to-date list of trusted certificate authorities, even if their operating system is out of date.”

Picture: Unsplash

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