One camera for all occasions

One camera for all occasions
Date:30 April 2006

Lugging a heavy camera bag wherever you go in anticipation of that Pulitzer Prize moment may make sense to some; but, for the rest of us, Canon’s 6-megapixel PowerShot S3 IS seems a logical alternative.

Its 12x optical zoom (36-432 mm f/2.7-f/3.5) incorporates the same leading technologies used in Canon’s professional EF lens range. Image stabilisation reduces blur when shooting at longer focal lengths, also making for reliable flashfree images in low light conditions. So you prefer moving images? Then check out the dedicated movie button, which means you don’t need to switch modes to start recording. You can record smooth 30 fps VGA-quality movies of up to 1 GB with stereo sound or create 60 fps QVGA clips for sharp slow-motion playback. Other features include 20 shooting modes, 2,3 fps continuous shooting, and a widescreen mode for capturing still images in 16:9 format. Price: R5 599. Contact Canon SA on 011-265 4900 or visit

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