One (Credit) Card to Rule Them All

The metal credit card that stores all your other cards on it.
Date:29 January 2015 Author: William Horne Tags:, , , , , ,

South Africans’ electronic payment future doesn’t have NFC and cryptocurrency solutions in it very soon, so your bank cards are here to stay it seems. But what if there was a way to keep cards, but still go almost wallet-less?

The Swyp card is a metal card that’s only 0.8mm thick and which stores the information of 25 of your credit, debit, loyalty or gift cards on itself. It has a magnetic stripe just like your normal card, but by using the simple navigational arrows at the bottom you can select the card you need, and swipe or insert like normal, without having to carry them all with you.


A tiny screen in the bottom corner informs you of which card is selected and you simply enter the associated pin as usual. The Swyp card is made of a durable metal that means it will survive as long as you need it to, as opposed to the flimsy plastics of yester-year.

When it comes to security, the Swyp has got you covered. It pairs wirelessly with your smartphone, and if it is stolen or moves more than 2m away from the phone, it locks and an additional unlocking password is necessary to access any cards stored on board.


This wireless pairing allows you to use the associated Swyp app to personalise the experience and add budgeting information such as scanning the associated receipts and saving it with the transaction information on your phone.

None of your data is uploaded, and is only stored on your card and phone. If someone makes too many attempts to access a Swyp card that has been blocked by going out of range of its paired phone, all card data is wiped.

Even when it comes to restaurants, and the card will travel with a waitron, you can set it to restaurant-mode, which means only the one designated card will be accessible to the waitron.

The Swyp card is smart as well. It has an algorithm that allows it to understand your spending patterns, so it can predict which card you will need when – removing the need to scroll through 25 cards with every transaction.

It is currently available for pre-ordering from the States at $49 (R570), but will retail at $99 (R1153.50) when it starts shipping in the third quarter of 2015.

Visit their website for more information or for ordering, and watch the promo video below.




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