• OnePlus launch their own ‘bug bounty’ service

    Date:22 December 2019 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, , , , ,

    Bug Bounties have become big business over recent years, with companies like Apple and Google offering rewards of over $1 million, and $1.5 million  respectively to anyone able to find serious bugs in its OS systems. Now Chinese smart phone manufacture OnePlus have launched its own bug bounty program following two major data breeches in late January and November.

    The new program, which OnePlus are calling OneSRC (security response centre) operates in the same manner as the aforementioned bounty programs, offering users monetary rewards ranging from R720 ($50) and R100,000 ($7,000) for any bugs found and reported on their OS.

    To claim your reward all you need to do is discover a bug on the OnePlus OxygenOS and then submit an online form describing the problem. You’ll also be required to provide a proof of concept to ensure that the bug wasn’t a once-off issue. Finally, once it has been confirmed that the bug is original, meaning you are indeed the first individual to discover the bug, you will be eligible for your reward.

    In addition to the bounty program, OnePlus have partnered with professional security experts HackerOne to bolster the security of their operating systems. This comes after OnePlus suffered multiple data breaches. The first of which took place in January of 2018, when the company said up to 40,000 customers had been affected by a security breach that caused customers’ credit card information to be stolen. The second major breach came in November of 2019 when OnePlus released a statement saying customer personal details like names, emails, contact numbers, and shipping addresses may have been exposed.

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